Hi, We're Ashley and Emily, And This Is Our Small Business

Who Are We? 

Hi, we're Ashley and Emily and we're the creators of Born Hybrid. Thanks for popping by! We just thought we'd take the time to introduce ourselves properly :)

Ashley and Emily - the creators behind Born Hybrid


Emily is the designer and marketer behind Born Hybrid. Emily is employed at an art gallery, where she works in a team to help support other artists' creativity. One day, Emily decided that she wanted her own little creative outlet and went part-time to start Born Hybrid.


Ashley is a cameraman, so he takes photos for us and films the occasional video. He’s a friendly chap but rather anal (sorry Ashley). Though his extreme organisation often results in carefully folded underpants and alphabetised spice draws, it also means he’s the perfect person to manage orders and balance the books.


And here we are today, over a year since we first came up the idea, and we’ve just launched our online store. We recently managed to secure funding through Kickstarter, which has allowed us to fill our online shop with a small collection of illustrated eco T-shirts. We hope to expand on this collection very soon and bring other types of clothing into the mix. If you like what we’re doing, you can find us on TwitterFacebook and Instagram.

Thanks for reading,

Emily and Ashley :)


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