The Ultimate Eco Friendly Graphic T-shirt by Born Hybrid

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Our T-shirts feature high definition graphic art

Born Hybrid T-shirts are like no other. Our unique, large scale illustrations are hand drawn with fineliners, then brought to life with top of the range garment printers for a high definition, vibrant finish.

Each design is drawn by project co-creator, Emily. Each artwork features vulnerable or endangered species, helping to bring awareness to their declining numbers. 

Incredible comfort

  • Soft on the skin

    Our T-shirts are made exclusively from natural plant fibres such as combed organic cotton and sustainably sourced wood pulp. These fabrics have been specially selected for their luxurious softness and comfort. 

  • Naturally breathable

    Our T-shirts are naturally breathable, keeping you pleasantly cool and dry. Plant fibres are also more absorbent than synthetic materials, helping to prevent bacteria growth and reduce any bad smells.

Sustainable Style

  • Eco-conscious

    For every T-shirt sold, Born Hybrid funds the purchase of 20 metres squared of habitat to create permanently protected nature reserves.

  • Sustainable

    Our T-shirts are made from sustainably sourced plant fibres and combed organic cotton. They are produced in factories powered by renewable green energy.

  • Ethical

    The people who make our T-shirts receive a fair living wage. No child labour, forced labour, unsafe conditions or excessive hours of work.

Help us fund the creation of nature reserves

Through World Land Trust, Born Hybrid will fund the purchase of 20 square metres of forest for every T-shirt sold. This will enable their trusted conservation partners to purchase wildlife-rich habitats when opportunities arise.

By creating protected nature reserves together, we can help reduce our carbon footprint, provide safe havens for endangered ecosystems, and help mitigate the effects of climate change. Read more on the Born Curious Blog.

“The money that is given to the World Land Trust, in my estimation, has more effect on the wild world than almost anything I can think of.” - Sir David Attenborough


Where can I buy your eco T-shirts?

Before any of our shirts are available to buy, we need to raise £4,000. We’re doing this through crowdfunding, so you can help us get our business off the ground by backing our Kickstarter project today.

What happens if we don’t reach our target?

1.  We get nothing

2.  Our backers get nothing (apart from their money back)

3.  Everyone goes home sad

What happens if we do reach our target?

1.  We buy our first order of T-shirts

2.  Our backers get their chosen T-shirts

3.  We upload extra stock to our online store

4.  Born Hybrid begins to grow, develop new designs and promotes sustainable fashion to the masses

5.  Everyone stays happy

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Why are you called 'Born Hybrid'?

Hybrid: Noun: A thing made by combining two different elements.

Our brand name, Born Hybrid, refers to:

• The blend (or hybrid) of natural plant fibres that we use in our clothing. 

• The designs on our T-shirts, inspired by a hybrid of nature and technology.

Who are you?

Hi! We're Emily and Ashley.

So, a little about us… Ashley is a camera man and films all of our videos. He’s a friendly chap but rather anal (sorry Ashley). Though his extreme organisation often results in carefully folded underpants and alphabetised spice draws, it also means he’s the perfect person to manage orders and balance the books.

Emily is the designer and marketer behind Born Hybrid. Emily works at an art gallery, where she helps to support other people’s creativity. One day, Emily decided that she wanted her own little creative outlet and went part-time to start Born Hybrid.

And here we are today, over a year later, and we’re about to launch our first business. We're very excited and perhaps a little nervous... Keeping our fingers crossed for Kickstarter success. If you like the look of our project, you can help us by sharing our Kickstarter campaign on social media. Find us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.